Your orders will be always send in double box, with tracking numbers and receipts.

Shipping cost :

1 pair - 19 USD
additional pairs - 15 USD each
4 pairs of more - FREE SHIPPING

1 pair - 15 USD
additional pairs - 10 USD each
4 pairs or more - FREE SHIPPING

1 pair - 30 USD
additional pairs - 20 USD each
4 pairs or more- FREE SHIPPING

Plase ask :)

All shoes that we sell are 100% authentic, with OG box, OG laces etc.
All pics are "realphoto", we never steal pics from internet !
We are legit store, so you will get receipt bill with all your orders.
Please don't worry about condition, all shoes are double-checked before we post them online.
Otherwise if any pair will have defects or  replacament box, we'll post additional photos with special info about that.

One and only way to make payments is PayPal.
All our prices are final. We do not give refunds or exchanges so please make sure you're buying the exact product and size you need.
Feel free to asking about any additional info.
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